Adding Additional Serial Numbers to an Existing SOLIDWORKS License Server (Versions 2022 and Older)

This article outlines how to add additional product serial numbers to a SolidNetwork License Manager


Multiple SolidNetWork License(SNL) Managers cannot be on one server because they use the same vendor daemon and this would cause a conflict. Therefore, if you have multiple network serial numbers and want them hosted on the same server, you can combine them by entering them into one SNL installation. The SNL will combine all licenses into one pool of licenses. You can also add network license serial numbers for the products such as Draftsight and Enterprise PDM 2015 or later.


The following steps will show you how to add multiple serial numbers:

1. Navigate to your Control Panel > Programs and Features.

2. Right click on SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License Manager and click Change.

3. The SolidNetWork License Manager will start up and welcome you to the setup wizard. Click Next.



4. Choose the Modify option and click Next.



5. As illustrated below, you can add multiple serial numbers by separating them with a comma.



6. Click Next and follow the prompts until the modification is completed.

7. Click Finish to close the SolidNetWork License Manager Setup dialog box.

8. Upon the completion of the steps above you will now need to reactivate the SolidNetwork License Manager to fully add the products.


To Reactivate SolidNetWork License Manager:

    a. Go to Start >All Programs > SOLIDWORKS 20XX >SOLIDWORKS Tools

    b. Click on SolidNetWork License Manager to launch it.

    c. Go to the Server Administration Tab.

    d. Click Modify and select the Activate/Reactivate option then click Next and follow the prompts to complete reactivation.


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