How to Create Exploded Views for Assemblies Including Multi-Body Part Components in SOLIDWORKS

Many times a multi-bodied part is created and used in an assembly file. At times these multi-bodied parts are treated as different components within an assembly. However, in an assembly file SOLIDWORKS treats the multi-body part as one component rather than multiple components. Thus, creating an exploded view of an assembly with a multi-body part will not explode the bodies in the part file. This article describes the method of creating exploded views for assemblies that include multi-body parts. 

Exploding a Multi-Body Part

The instructions below describe how to create exploded configurations for the multi-body part to be used within a top assembly file.

  1. Create a new configuration for your multi-body part. The new configuration will hold the exploded state.

  2. Use the Move/Copy Body feature under Insert>Surface and place the bodies in an exploded state. 

  3. Go into the top assembly and create a new configuration for your assembly. This new configuration will hold the exploded states of both the multi-body part and assembly.

  4. In the assembly change the multi-body part’s configuration to the exploded state configuration.

  5. Right click on the new exploded state configuration, select New Exploded View…, and create the exploded view of your assembly.

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