Why do inserted objects of pictures show icons instead of the actual image?


To enhance your drawing, it is currently possible to insert static pictures. However, what if those pictures need to change? Is there a better way to do this without having to re-insert all of those images manually?

SolidWorks does offer the ability to insert linked objects, however when I insert JPG and PNG files they show up as an icon and not the actual image.



The problem is that Windows does not know which program to use to show a correct preview of the embedded object. We need to edit the registry and tell Windows to use Paint to display the image correctly.

  1. Open the registry editor(regedit.exe) by searching for it in the Windows start menu.
  2. Browse to this folder: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.jpg
  3. Double click on the string value for Default to edit
  4. Change the value from jpgfile to Paint.Picture.
  5. Close the registry editor and restart SolidWorks and try to insert the object again.


Once you re-insert the object, it should now look like the following in your drawing.


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  • I was unable to edit the registry setting. I do have admin privilege.

  • Hi Joe,

     Thank you for contacting Hawk Ridge Systems.

     I have forwarded your inquiry to our support team.  You should receive an email shortly confirming this.  Please reply to that email with any additional questions or comments regarding this issue.  Thanks.


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