Visualize 3D Viewport is Completely Black

There are times when Solidworks Visualize will launch correctly, however the viewport will be completely black, with only part of the reference triad visible.




All other elements of the UI work completely fine, the only issue that nothing except for a portion of the reference triad can be seen in the viewport.

This is almost always an issue with the DirectX Runtime drivers that windows uses to run certain rendering softwares. To resolve this issue:


1. Close Solidworks Visualize.
2. Download DirectX Runtime 2010, via this link here: DirectX 2010 End-User Runtimes




3. Extract the resulting downloaded file and run DXSETUP.exe to install Direct X Runtime 2010.




4. Restart Visualize and see if the issue is resolved.

If installing the new DirectX Runtime does not resolve the issue, contact Hawk Ridge Systems technical support at 877.266.4469 (US) or 866.587.6803 (Canada).

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