Configure drawing template to prompt for sheet format selection

This article is useful for users who frequently use different sheet formats to start their drawings.  A drawing template can be saved such that when a new document is created from the drawing template, the prompt to choose sheet format for the first sheet automatically appears.  



Setting this up is fairly simple.  Start by opening one of your existing drawing templates.  This template should already have at least one sheet.  Right click on every sheet and select delete.  You will be left with a drawing with one sheet that appears to be blank.


Now that you have a drawing with a single blank sheet, go to File>Save As.  In the save as type drop down menu, choose to save as a drawing template(.drwdot).  Save this new template to a location where your other drawing templates currently reside.  


The next time you go to file>new and choose your new drawing template, you should automatically receive the prompt to select a sheet format.  

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