Registration Failures During SOLIDWORKS Installations, Error 1722

During a SOLIDWORKS installation, there is a chance DLL or EXEs fail to register and the following error message may occur:

Image of registration failure error code

The error will also appear as a line item within the SOLIDWORKS installation logs: 

4:16:10 Error Status 149 0 "Product:SOLIDWORKS ErrorCode:1722 CA:register_i386_SldShellExtServerExe Location:C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS\sldShellExtServer.exe Command:sldshellextserver.exe /REGSERVER"


register_i386_sldshellextserverexe. Return value 3. 


regsvr32 xyz.dll. Return value 3. 

Image of Return Value 3 Error location

This error is commonly associated with having corrupt installations or missing installations of the Microsoft Visual  C++ prerequisite packages. 

Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ Prerequisites

To resolve this issue, a manual uninstall and reinstall of the Microsoft Visual C++ prerequisite is recommended. Please follow the steps included in
How to Repair Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables – Hawk Ridge Systems Support 

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