[Visualize] Using Backplates as Scene

This article will discuss how you can apply and use backplates in SOLIDWORKS Visualize.

Scenes can be an essential aspect of your SOLIDWORKS Visualize project to enhance the render further. Your Visualize scene can be enhanced by the HDRI, backplates, lighting, or a combination of them. Backplates, in particular, can be very popular as it can use any standard digital images of common image files, i.e..JPEG and.PNG. Backplates are static – regardless of the camera orientation - and allow you to focus on one scene. As a comparison, an HDR environment provides lighting and a more immersive domain but requires third-party software to create.

You can import a backplate by following one of the steps below:

  1. Go to Project > Scenes > New Backplate, and browse for an image.
  2. In the Palette, click on the File Libraries (right-most) tab, select "Plates" from the drop-down list, and drag and drop the desired image into the viewport.
  3. Load a new backplate image by doing one of the following commands in the Palette, shown in the image below.



The following backplate parameters are available:

  1. Visible: Shows/Hides the backplate image.
  2. Update Backplate: Allows you to manually update the backplate image if it has been edited in an image editing software since the image has been imported as a SOLIDWORKS Visualize scene.
  3. Auto-Update: Allows the software to automatically update the backplate image after it has been edited.
  4. Fill background: Stretches the backplate to fit within the aspect ratio set on the Camera.
  5. Fit Camera to backplate: Matches the active camera aspect ratio to match that of the backplate.

You will notice that the backplate continues to be static no matter how you adjust the Camera.





Now it's time to adjust the Camera, so the model is aligned with the scene. Aside from eye-balling the orientation and position, you may also benefit from a floor grid relative to the model. You will need to activate the Preview Mode, select an Environment in your Scenes Palette tab, and select "Show Grid (In Preview)."





After the Camera is oriented, and the model is positioned correctly, you can now play with the lighting and camera filters further to adjust the model's display to the scene.


If you have any questions regarding backplates in SOLIDWORKS Visualize, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support at 1-877-266-4469  (US)1-866-587-6803  (CAN), or support@hawkridgesys.com.



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