How to Carry Over a Revision Table Across Multiple Sheets

This article walks through the steps to copy a revision table to multiple sheets in a drawing file.

When using a revision table in your drawing, you might have noticed that there is no option to copy the table when right-clicking on it. When selecting the table and pressing CTRL + C, you would get a “This item cannot be copied to the clipboard” warning message.




When inserting the revision table in a new sheet in the same drawing file, you will obtain one that refers to the original table, instead of carrying over the information or creating a new revision table to edit.



In order to carry over the same revision table, navigate to Tools > Options > Document Properties > Tables > Revision, and under “Multiple Sheet Style”, select “Linked” to link each inserted revision table.



If you would like to create a new revision table that is not referring to the previously created revision table, you can navigate to the same settings again and select “Independent” instead.

If you followed the steps above but were unable to carry over a revision table across multiple drawing sheets, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support at 877-266-4469 or


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