Unable To Save File

Sometimes corruptions occur that cause SolidWorks files to not be able to save.  There is a way to recreate the file with the exact same features and components without have to recreate it from scratch.

For Parts:

  1. Open up a new blank part file
  2. Go to Insert->Part and browse to the corrupted part file to insert it Insert_Part_Cropped.png
  3. Right click on the part in the feature tree and click on "List External Refs" List_External_Reference.png
  4. Make sure the checkbox for "Insert the features of original part(s) if references are broken" is enabled and then click on "Break All" 



For Assemblies:

  1. Open up a new blank assembly
  2. Insert the original assembly as a subassembly
  3. Right click on the subassembly and click on "Dissolve Subassembly" Dissolve_Subassembly.png


For Drawings:

  1. Open a new blank drawing
  2. Right click on the sheet in the original drawing and select Copy Copy.png
  3. Go to the new drawing, then right click on an existing sheet and select Paste Paste.png

If you are still encountering problems saving the file, you can contact Hawk Ridge Technical Support by calling 877.266.4469 (US) or 866.587.6803 (Canada), or by sending an email to support@hawkridgesys.com

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  • These steps above can also work for files that are corrupt without an error message(file specific). Specifically for files where a feature is not working as it should. Such files might be considered file specific issues and should consider the steps above before considering to redo the work.


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