Changing Datum Target Size

You can attach a Datum target and symbol to a model face or edge in any document.



What you may notice is that there is not an option to change the size of the Target symbol or X target area in the datum target property manager.  


The size of the Target Symbol and X Target area are instead controlled by the dimension text size setting in Tools>Options>Document Properties>Dimensions


Clicking the Font button and changing the text units or points affects the size of the datum target.



However, other dimensions in the model are resized as well when this setting is adjusted


What if we want to control the dimension size independently from the datum target size?  This can be achieved by overriding the font for all dimensions in the drawing.

Group select all dimensions in the drawing.  In the Other tab of the dimension property manager, uncheck the box labeled Use document font.  


By selecting the Font button in the dimension property manager you can now change the font size for only the selected dimensions.  The datum target size will not be affected.



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