Updating CAMworks settings when importing part models or opening part models made using a different template

Settings such as decimal place precision, default machine selection or display colors are saved at the part document and part template level. Importing model geometry or opening a model made by someone using a different standard will result in your preferred settings being ignored. There are two methods to change the settings to your preferred set.


Manual Method

Automatic Method




Manual Method:


1. Start by opening the model you wish to work on.

2. Navigate to the Document Properties from the options menu. Here you can change the desired units and precision level.



3. To edit the remaining CAMworks settings navigate to the CAMworks Options menu and select the View System Defaults check box. This will force the current document settings to use your default settings.



4. Change to your preferred machine by editing the machine definition. This menu can be accessed by right clicking on the current machine and selecting Edit Definition or by clicking on the Define Machine button in the command ribbon.





Automatic Method:

1. Start by making a new part model and select your preferred template.




2. Navigate to the Insert menu and select the Part function.




3. Select the desired Solidworks part model or import part geometry. The model will be listed in the Solidworks feature tree. This file will be using your preferred settings.




Note: If the model you are inserting is using a different unit of measure compared to your part template you will receive a warning message. You can then correct the condition with the 2nd selection option.




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