Abaqus Flexnet Server Troubleshooting Techniques


This article reviews various troubleshooting techniques, both client-side and server-side, for common issues related to users who cannot communicate to the Flexnet Server Simulia Abaqus uses for Licensing. This is meant for servers using Flexnet Licensing and not Dassault Systems License Server (DSLS).

Pointing Client Machine at Flexnet Server

The first thing a client should check is whether or not their Abaqus is configured to point at the server. When installing Abaqus we are given an option to specify the server type and server address (port number@server name/ip address). After installing Abaqus, this can be changed by editing a file called “custom_v6.env” file. The default location is:

  • For Abaqus 2020 & newer:
  • For Abaqus 2019 & older:
    C:\Program Files\DassaultSystemes\SimulationServices\V6R2019x\win_b64\SMA\site

Edit the file in Notepad to add the following lines or edit to change where the client is pointing at the server. Then save it to maintain the file extension of .env. The file should contain the following two lines so that Abaqus is set to use Flexnet for licensing and pointing at a server.

abaquslm_license_file="<port number>@<server name>"

The default port number is 27000. In rare cases, a line needs to be added to specify the port used which is as follows:

VENDOR ABAQUSLM port="<port number>"


Checking Flexnet Server Service

This section goes over how to check to ensure the Flexnet Server service is set up correctly to be able to run while the FLEXNet Licensing Utilities is not currently open.

  1. Launch “FLEXNet Licensing Utilities” from the start menu.
  2. Go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab and stop the service.
  3. Go to the Config Services tab.
  4. Check that the paths to the lmgrd.exe, license file, and path to the debug log file are correct. The path to the license file can be any path as desired by the user. The typical paths for the lmgrd.exe and debug log files are:
    Note: Ensure that the debug log file folder has full read/write permissions, otherwise the server will not start and may error out with FlexNet Licensing error:-15,570.
  5. Ensure that the checkboxes at the bottom of Config Services for "Start Server at Power Up" and "Use Services" are checked.
  6. Note what the Service Name is set to then save the service, restart the server from the Start/Stop/Read tab, and close the FLEXNet Licensing Utilities.
  7. From a Windows Search type "Services" to bring up Services.
  8. Browse for the service with the name that was noted and check that it is set to automatic, if it is not set to automatic right click on it and go to properties to change.

Client Unable to Connect to Server

This section goes over some techniques to troubleshoot in the event a client machine cannot connect to the server.

The default port used by Abaqus is 27000 and can be checked by opening FLEXNet Licensing Utilities and performing a server status enquiry from the server status tab. The enquiry will read out in the text box below starting with the date performed, followed by server port with server name/ip address, and will also say where the license file is located.


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