How to run an Abaqus Job with Command Prompt

This article goes over the steps to run an Abaqus job from the Command Prompt. As long as you already have a job set up and saved, you can run the job from the command prompt without opening Abaqus CAE. The job in this example is named "Job-1" and is located at C:\Abaqus_temp\clipassy\temp.


  1. Open the command prompt and step into the folder where the job is located with the command:
    cd <filepath>


  1. Next, type in: abaqus j=<jobname> cpus=<number of cpus>


  1. If the job already exists overwrite with a "y".

In the same folder, there will be a log file named <jobname>.log which can be opened with Notepad and to see how many licenses were checked out and how many remain available.

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