Creating Library Objects in CAMWorks and SOLIDWORKS CAM

CAMWorks and SOLIDWORKS CAM allow you to save features or groups of features as a file that can be inserted into a different part with the same feature(s). This can be useful for programming repetitive parts that have common features. It also works as an alternative to multi-stepped holes which can sometimes be hard to setup.


Note: Library Objects will only work at the part level and can NOT be used in assembly programming.

Note: If you use Library Objects as a replacement for Multi-Stepped holes it is ideal to break up each feature level into an individual feature. Do not use items such as counterbore holes which rely on detecting and managing multiple cylinder levels.


1. The first step in creating a Library Object is selecting the “Create Library Object” button. You will find this icon in the CAMWorks command ribbon tab.

Note: If you are using large ribbon icons then you will need to select the “>>” button on the far right to access the additional icons.



2. The “Add to Library” menu will appear and you can now select 1 or more Features to save as an Object.

Note: The features you select should be from the same setup. They can not be from setups that have different orientations.




3. Enter a name for the Object and select which folder you would like to save it to. If no folders are listed then used the * button on the right to select a directory.



4. Select “Save” to finish the process.


5. The menu will remain open so you can create additional Objects. If you have no more Objects to create then you can select “Close”


6. In the part you would like to use the Object on select the “Insert Library Object” icon.



7. A Windows explorer menu will automatically open and permit you to select a *.cwlib file.


8. The “Setup Reference” box will allow you to select an existing part setup or create a new one. If you create a new one then you will need to pick a “selected entity” to drive the setup direction. 



9. After selecting a setup you will see a preview of it on the part. The preview will also highlight applicable features from the Library Object.

Note: These features will be controlled by the parameters in the TechDB. If any of the features fall outside of the ranges specified in the TechDB then it won’t work.



10. Select “Insert” to complete the process.


11. You may see warning symbols next to the newly creates features in the feature tree. This is because AFR was not used and the features are not up to date. To clear any errors, perform a CAMWorks rebuild on the part.



11. You can now Generate Operation Plans for the feature(s).

Note: Library Objects save Features NOT Operations. If you have Operation parameters that you want to come through when inserting a Library Object then make sure to save them at the strategy level.


12. With operations generated you can now generate tool paths.






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