SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2022: Auto-recover options can cause loss of study data

SOLIDWORKS Simulation data can be lost if auto-recover options are enabled, as noted in the following bug:

SPR# 1231247 - "SOLIDWORKS Simulation: SOLIDWORKS Auto-recover options can sometimes prevent changes to SOLIDWORKS Simulation studies from being saved or cause newly created study to be missing after reopen"

This issue affects only SOLIDWORKS 2022 SP0 and SP1, and will be fixed in 2022 SP2.

If auto-recover options are disabled, the missing studies may be related to SPR# 1233698 as described in this article.


The workaround is to disable both auto-recover options located under Tools->Options->System Options tab->Backup/Recover:



Symptoms of this SPR include:
  1. Missing study tabs upon reopening the file.
  2. "Results may not be valid due to the following changes to this study" warning if the study was solved in the past.  Changes to the study setup were lost so existing results no longer match the setup.  If this occurs, review the affected study, correct any outdated items, and re-run the study.

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