Preventative Maintenance Schedule for Markforged Composite Printers

This article covers the Markforged composite preventative maintenance schedule for items that need to be adjusted or swapped at regular intervals. Note that some printers do not have items listed in this article, and such items can be ignored when performing preventative maintenance.

For a complete list of maintenance items and the frequency they should be performed, please see the table below. This covers items present in both Desktop and Industrial series Markforged printers.

Item Frequency
Plastic Nozzle 3200 cm³ of plastic (~4 spools)
Plastic Load Tube (Dry Box to Extruder Motor) 3200 cm³ of plastic (~4 spools)
Plastic Bowden Tube (Extruder to Print Head) 3200 cm³ of plastic (~4 spools)
Fiber Nozzle 750 cm³ of fiber
Fiber Load Tube (Spool to Fiber Extruder Motor) 750 cm³ of fiber
Fiber Bowden Tube (Extruder to Print Head) 750 cm³ of fiber
Belt Tension Adjustment 500 print hours


It is recommended to utilize the Maintenance Schedule Utility in order to monitor these items. This particular utility will automatically track the usage of everything listed above, and the printer will notify users via the printer UI when an item needs to be serviced.

To reset or view remaining time on anything listed above, users can access the Maintenance Schedule Utility via Menu > Utilities > Maintenance > Maintenance Schedule.





Once inside the utility, all maintenance items relevant to that specific printer will be shown on the list of pages. If an item needs to be replaced or service, simply click on the Service option next to that item to directly start any associated utility such as the Nozzle Replacement utility.


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