SOLIDWORKS 2021 SP2 VBA 7.1 Change Prevents Older Version Installation

David Severud

With older version installations, the following error can occur:

A newer version of this application is already installed. Installation stopped.

This error appears because of a change in the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) version 7.1, introduced in the SOLIDWORKS 2021 SP2 software. Earlier versions of the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager installer do not recognize the new installation of the VBA 7.1 components. Therefore, the installer starts a new installation of the older version of the program. The new VBA 7.1 installation then blocks the software installation.

To replicate the issue:

  1. Run the SOLIDWORKS Installer for versions older than 2021 SP2
  2. SOLIDWORKS will run into the following error (2020 SP install example below)SolidWorks_2021_SP2_VBA_Preventing_2020_from_Installing.PNG

    When this error occurs, the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager log file typically shows the following entries:

    ‘{Time} Info Step 90 0 "{0: Installing} MSI: {1: {Location of installation files}\SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP05\PreReqs\VBA\vba71.msi}; command-line: {2: }
    (ID {3: Microsoft_VBA}, lang {4: }, pcode {5: {90120064-0070-0000-0000-4000000FF1CE}}, mode {6: 7}, upg = {7: }, f{8: 0}, costKB {9: 0})"’

    ‘{Time} Error Status 149 0 "Product:CAM ErrorCode:0 Message:A newer version of this application is already installed. Installation stopped."’

Solution: Re-install VBA

You cannot correct this issue by using earlier versions of the installation manager. If you encounter this issue, perform the following solutions to reinstall the older version of VBA.

Solution 1: Use attached bat file to uninstall

  1. Download the attached file ‘S-078838_uninstall_vba.txt’.
    b. Rename the file to ‘S-078838_uninstall_vba.bat’.
    c. Right-click the ‘S-078838_uninstall_vba.bat’ file and then click ‘Run as administrator’.
    2. Perform the installation steps that lead to the error.
  2. Perform a repair of the recent SOLIDWORKS installation (SOLIDWORKS 2021 SP2 or later) to reinstall the updated VBA 7.1 components.

Solution 2: Manual uninstall

To uninstall and then re-install those files, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the attached file from SolidWorks 2020 & extract the files.
  2. Right click the file named vba71.msi and select Uninstall.
  3. Right click on the file named vba71_1033.msi and then select uninstall.
  4. Once both are successfully uninstalled, reinstall them by double clicking on vba71.msi first, then vba71_1033.msi and then finally vba71-kb2783832-x64.msp.
  5. Now install 2020 or whatever older version is being installed.
  6. If 2021 is still installed, proceed with a repair of 2021 to have the newer VBA installed. If there is no SolidWorks 2021, this can be skipped.


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