Tech Alert: Issue identified causing SOLIDWORKS 2021 SP5 to crash when editing a ‘Date’ type custom property

This is article is to inform you of a new issue that is affecting 2021 SP5 where SOLIDWORKS will crash when a user attempts to edit a "Date" type custom property,



SOLIDWORKS 2021 SP5 crashes when attempting to edit a custom property formatted as a 'Date" on files that were created before SOLIDWORKS 2018 even if the files have been converted to newer SOLIDWORKS versions. General steps within the SOLIDWORKS user interface:
1. Open a SOLIDWORKS file last saved in SW Version 2017 or below.
2. Click 'File Properties' > Add a 'Date' type custom property > Click ‘OK’
"SOLIDWORKS 2021 has encountered a problem and needs to close"


SOLIDWORKS has wrote SPR 1224816 to address the issue, for any of our customers who have installed the SP5 release of SOLIDWORKS 2021. A hotfix has been issued and is available from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base Solution S-079499.

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