How to Re-slice a Part in Eiger

This article goes over the steps needed to re-slice a part that has already been uploaded to your Eiger library. Re-slicing will allow a part to take advantage of any Eiger slicer or toolpath updates the next time that part is printed. Typically, the Eiger software will notify you if any updates that require part re-slicing are released. 

In order to re-slice a part, you will first want to select that part in your Eiger library. This will bring you to Part View.

Once you have opened your part, change any settings that would impact how the part itself would be printed. 

For Metal Parts, this would be any one of the following: 

  • Material Type

  • Orientation

  • Any Part Setting

For Composite Parts, change one of these items: 

  • Material Type

  • Orientation

  • Any Part Setting

  • Any Material Setting

  • Any Reinforcement Setting




Changing a setting should make the Save option available as a selection. Once this is the case, click on Save




Selecting this option will slice your part.




When the slicing is complete, change your options back to what is desired for printing, and select Save again.




Once this next round of slicing is complete, your part will be able to print with any slicer updates that were applied to Eiger. No further actions will be required for this particular part.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Hawk Ridge Systems 3D Printing Technical Support at


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