CATIA Watermark appearing in Composer with a Network License

After installing SOLIDWORKS Composer onto a system and utilizes a SOLIDWORKS Network License there is a chance that any imported files into Composer will have a CATiA watermark appear when rotating the model.



This issue is typically caused by Composer not properly obtaining a license from the SolidNetWork License Manager Server that host the network license. You may find that if you borrow a Composer license it will import files as intended. Composer believes the software is running in a evaluation version since it cannot properly obtain the license, causing the watermark to appear.

Note: Check to insure that there are not two SNL license managers listed first, then go on.


To correct the issue a new string value must be made in the FLEXlm License Manager registry key that references the SolidNetWork License Manager Server.

  1. Search your Windows programs for RegEdit and launch the program as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FLEXlm License Manager.
  3. After clicking on the FLEXlm License Manager key right-click in the window and choose to create a new string value and name the key SW_D_LICENSE_FILE.
  4. NOTE! : IF HKEY_CURRENT USER\Software does not have "FLEXlm License Manager" you will need to create this first, then add the string value SW_D_LICENSE_FILE.
  5. Once the string is made, right click it and choose to edit the string. Within the Value Data box type in 25734@"Server Computer Name" similar to how you add the server to a client.
  6. ALSO: Confirm that the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\FLEXlm License Manager has the same matching key and string value as HK CURRENT USER, and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW 6432node also shows the correct 25734@"Server Computer Name"

Take your time with these registry setting and you will have success.

Note: if the computer has had an evaluation license in the past, or has had a license "file" then look for old serial numbers, and check folders for a license "file"  Also: if you test with a standalone license file, you will need to remove the HKCU Flex entry to get it to read the file.

If all this doesn't work, check for an old license file stored in the SNL manually  (SNL ANY) and remove it.



Once the key has been created you can close the regedit tool and restart Composer. The next time you import a file the watermarks should be removed and Composer opens outside of the evaluation mode.

You can also open , close and reopen older SMG's to clear the watermark. 

If that does not work, you can export all views into one file, Re-import the SOLIDWORKS model into a new SMG, then import the view package into that new SMG to rebuild it as a new, clean SMG.  (FL)

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  • Once the watermark is no longer appearing on a "NEW" smg. (test by importing a new SLDASM or SLDPRT and see if the background is clean now) If yes, You can "fix" the old SMG by selecting and exporting all the views at once, then re importing the SLDASM or SLDPRT into a brand new SMG, then importing all the views back in to the new SMG. Now you should have a perfect copy of the original SMG but without the watermark. FL

  • SW_D_LICENSE_FILE must be in HKCU
    and HKLM, two places!

    Thank you Matt !


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