Missing graphics and surface bodies within Composer

At times when importing larger assembly models from a vendor, or that were from a scan, into Composer you may find that some of the sub-assemblies are missing. One of the main causes of this is due to the sub-assembly being a surface body.


 Model in Composer


Same model as it appears within SOLIDWORKS

Showing surface bodies within Composer

By default Composer disables the option to import surface bodies of SOLIDWORKS CAD models and must be enabled during the import process. Before beginning any import into Composer first verify that none of the bodies are in lightweight mode or that Large Assembly Mode has been disabled within SOLIDWORKS, as this can cause imports to fail or not show bodies even when settings are enabled.

Within the File -> Open window, where you normally go to import bodies, the option to show surfaces is called "Import Free Faces." While disabled any surface bodies will be invisible within the Composer window. 


Once enabled, you can enable the "Merge into a new document" option and import your model. If you wish to update an existing model to show these surfaces you can click File -> Update, then within the Import tab of the new window you can enable the Import free faces options.


After the import or update process completes the model should appear as intended.


If you have any additional questions about how the Composer import process and how to reduce failures please feel free to watch our Youtube Video on Composer imports. If the model still does not appear as intended and your bodies are missing still please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at 877.266.4469 for the U.S or 866.587.6803 for Canada.

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