Importing the Microsoft Access Technology Database to the SQL Lite Version

Starting in 2018, CAMWorks and SOLIDWORKS CAM include a Technology Database (TechDB) that utilizes the SQLite. However, in previous years, the TechDB used a Microsoft Access Database file. Thus, you may notice importing your TechDB from 2017 into 2018 might be just a little different. This article discusses how to import a Microsoft Access Database file to an SQL Lite TechDB.

To import a Microsoft Access TechDB into the SQL Lite version, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the SQL Lite version of SOLIDWORKS CAM 20XX Technology Database or CAMWorks 20XX Technology Database.

  2. Go to Settings.


  3. Select Import Database.


  4. Choose the Ms-Access option.


  5. Now click Browse and go to the original Microsoft Access TechDB file (techdb.mdb).


  6. Choose the Data to import and select Import.


Your old Microsoft Access TechDB is now successfully imported over into your new SQL Lite TechDB.

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