How to import Flow Simulation Engineering Database files?

This article walks through the steps to import a Flow Simulation Engineering Database XML file into the Engineering Database. This can be useful when importing materials from older versions of Flow Simulation or another computer. This can help to reduce the time needed to run projects created by others as Flow Simulation will not need to prompt us to create a Material item for each material that is not in the Engineering Database.


  1. Locate the Engineering Database file XML file that is desired to be imported in C:\ProgramData\COSMOS Applications\Flow Simulation 20XX.
    Locate Engineering Database XML File.png

  2. Copy this file to a location easily accessible on the computer that you wish to import the file.

  3. Open SolidWorks and open a Part or Assembly file with the Flow Simulation Add-in turned on from Tools>Add-Ins.

  4. Open the Engineering Database from the Flow Simulation toolbar or from Tools>Flow Simulation>Tools>Engineering Database.

  5. In the Engineering Database, go to File>Import and browse to the XML file we want to import.
    Import XML File from File_Import.png

  6. Click the "Save Icon" button to save the Engineering Database.
    Save the Engineering Database.png

Now the Engineering Database file has been imported into the Engineering Database and saved with the new items that were imported. This has saved the imported materials to the local "CHEMBASEUSER2" file for the version of SolidWorks being run at C:\ProgramData\COSMOS Applications\Flow Simulation 20XX.

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