Creating and Managing Selection Sets in Composer

Within Composer, selection sets help to group actors together so that they can be easily called upon at a later time. This article walks through the process of creating a selection set, as well as how to manage actors in an existing set.


In order to create a selection set, you will first want to select the actors that you want to be part of the set. This can be done by utilizing the Viewport itself, or by using the Assembly tree.

Once you have selected the actors that you want, you can create a set by clicking on the "Create Selection Set" icon above the Assembly tree, as shown below. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + S can also be used to create a set after selecting your actors.



Once the set has been created, it will appear in the "Selection sets" category under your Assembly tree. In order to rename a set, you can right click on it and select "Rename Actor". The same rename task can be performed by clicking on the selection set and pressing the F2 key.




In order to add additional actors to an existing selection set, you will first need to select them, either via the Viewport or with the Assembly tree. Once you have selected these new actors, right click on an existing selection set and click "Add Actors to Selection Set". An example of this is shown in the illustration below.




If an actor needs to be removed from an existing selection set, you can select the actor, right click the instance of it under the selection set, and select "Remove Actors from Selection Set". As the function name implies, you can remove multiple actors at once from a selection set this way.




Lastly, to delete a selection set, right click on the set itself and select "Delete Selection Set". As an alternative, you can select the set and press the "Delete" key on your keyboard.




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