How to Apply Edge Weld Connectors Between Solid and Shell Bodies in Simulation

This article describes how to create an Edge Weld connector between solid and shell components in a simulation study. The image below is an example of a model, which uses a solid and shell component in a simulation study.

Create Split Lines for the Edge Weld Connection

In order to create an Edge Weld connection feature between a solid and shell mesh, an intersecting edge between the solid and shell must be made with a Split Line feature on the shell component. The image below shows the shell and solid component without split lines. 

To create a Split Line feature on the shell component follow the instructions below.

  1. Right click on the Shell component in the FeatureManager Tree
  2. Select Edit the Part
  3. Create a sketch on the face of the shell body that intersects with the Solid body
  4. Using Convert Entities, convert the edges of intersecting Solid body edges
  5. Exit the sketch
  6. Select Split Line under Insert>Curve
  7. Select the sketch made in step 3 and the face of the shell body, which intersects with the Solid body

The image seen below displays the added split line feature. 

Define Edge Weld

Now the Edge Weld connection can be defined using the lines generated from the Split Line Feature.

  1. In the Simulation Study right click on Connections
  2. Select Edge Welds…
  3. For Face Set 1: make sure to select the face of the shell.
  4. For Face Set 2: select the face on the solid body, which intersects perpendicularly with the shell body.
  5. The Intersecting Edges: will automatically generate with the correct selections

A preview of the Edge Weld Connector can now be seen below.

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