Recommended Composer Default Document Properties

This article walks through selecting the recommended options that you can enable for best results when working in SOLIDWORKS Composer. 

In order to change the default document properties within Composer, navigate to File > Properties > Default Document Properties. 

Input Options

It is recommended that the Input Profile SOLIDWORKS (default) be selected, as shown below.



Selecting this Input Profile will enable these options:

-Merge file into one actor per part: This allows each part file to be moved as a whole once imported into Composer.

-Import meta-properties: This will import any SOLIDWORKS file meta-properties into Composer.

-Import as bodies: This option imports files from SOLIDWORKS as solid bodies.

-Import hidden components (no show): Enabling this setting will import components that were hidden in SOLIDWORKS into Composer for later use. These components will still be hidden once imported.


Update Options

Under the "Geometry" section, the options to Add new geometry and Delete old geometry should be enabled. This will allow geometry changes in SOLIDWORKS to accurately update Composer files.



Project Options

Under "Project", the two options listed below should be enabled.

-Load on visibility: Enabling this option will only load actors that are visible into memory. Hidden actors will not be loaded until they become visible.

-View mode: This setting will launch Composer files in "View Mode", showing the first view in the "View" tab.



Unit Options

Lastly, under "Units", the Model unit (internal) value should always be set to Millimeters. The Output values should be set to whatever units were used when the original SOLIDWORKS file was created.



If you have any questions regarding these settings, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support at:

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