Facing Multiple Parts in an Assembly

When adding a facing toolpath to my assembly file, it replicates the stock for each part separately.  How do I face only my initial stock?




In the example above, there are three ways to solve this issue.

1.  If you would like to face ONLY the tops of the actual part (ie. not the whole face of the stock), you can right click on the face feature in your CW tab and de-select "Use Stock Extents" on the End Condition tab.  When you regenerate the operation you will find that the facing operation is only cutting over the actual solid bodies.


2.  If you would like to face over the whole piece of stock you will need to switch to the CW tab and press the + button beside the face feature.  This opens up the list showing each part in the assembly.  If you select the parts in this list that are not based on the part you made the face off of, you can right click on them and suppress them.  This ensures you only have one facing operation over the entirety of the stock.



3.  You can also open up the part manager and choose Split Instance.  This will split each part into it's own instance with it's own toolpaths.


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