How to Create a Keyway Cut in CAMWorks

Creating a cut using a keyway cutter in CAMWorks can be very simple.




To create a keyway cut in CAMWorks, please follow the instructions, below.

  1. Right-click on the Mill Part Setup and select New 2.5 Axis Feature…
  2. For Type: select Open Profile
  1. For Selected Entitles choose the bottom edge of the open profile and choose End Condition
  1. For the End Condition select the Upto Face option and select the top face of your cut.
  1. Click OK or the Green Check Mark
  2. Generate the Operation Plan for the Open Profile Feature.
  1. Right click on the Contour Mill Operation and select Edit Definition.
  2. Change the Tool to a Keyway Cutter. If a keyway cutter needs to be added to a Tool Crib, use the instructions in the next section, “How to Add a Keyway Cutter”.
  1. Select the Contour tab and change the First cut amt. to the width or thickness of the cutter.
  1. Change Max cut amt. to half of the First cut amt.

  1. Select the Leadin tab and change the Leadin type to Arc.
  1. Generate Toolpath to view the toolpath for the keyway cut.


How to Add a Keyway Cutter

Follow the instructions below, to add a keyway cutter to a Tool Crib for a Contour Mill operation.

  1. Right-click on the Contour Mill Operation and select Edit Definition.
  2. Select the Tool>Tool Crib>Add…

  3. Change Tool type: to Keyway, select a Filter by method and choose OK

  4. Add the appropriate Keyway Cutter and select OK.

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