Setup Sheet Images with Higher Resolution

This article describes how to increase the resolution of images in setup sheets.

Users generating setup sheets in CAMWorks may find the resolution of their images in the setup sheet may not be up to par or is skewed.

To resolve this issue, the setup templates can be adjusted to use images with higher resolution. An example of a setup sheet that uses a higher resolution image can be seen, below.

The resolutions of setup sheets are controlled by the setup sheet template. The setup sheet templates include XML code that can be adjusted to increase the resolution of images in the generated setup sheets. To adjust the XML code in the setup sheet template, find an appropriate default setup sheet template file located in the following folder path.


For example, open the Mill folder, make a copy of setup sheet template CWDefaultMillTemplate-1 by right clicking on the setup sheet template, and select Copy.

Then paste the file into the same folder location by right clicking on an area in the windows explorer and selecting Paste.

Right click on the copied template and select Rename to give the file a new name.

To change the default resolution of the images in the setup sheet, edit the newly named setup sheet template by right clicking on the template and selecting Edit.

Once in a notepad, find text lines that include <img src= "{$imageUrl}". Then delete the text WIDTH="#" HEIGHT="#" within the text line. For instance, the line  

<img src= "{$imageUrl}" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="400"></img>

should be changed to

<img src= "{$imageUrl}" ></img>

Then, save the edited setup sheet template and use the template to generate your sheet setups. The generated setup sheets will now include images that do not have restrictions on their resolution.

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