How to Create Chamfer on Part using CAMWorks

This article will show you how to create a Chamfer on a part using CAMWorks.  It is not necessary to model the chamfer on the part.  


Step 1.  Right click on your Mill Part Setup and choose to insert a 2.5 Axis Feature.



Step 2.  Choose Boss for the typeand select the Face you want to create the Chamfer for.  This will create a Chamfer on the outer borders of the part.



3.  Once you have selected the face, choose Next.  After that, make sure your direction of cut is going in the right direction.  If it is not, check or uncheck Reverse Direction.  Once you have done this, select Finish.



4.  Choose to generate an operation plan from the Irregular Pocket Created.



5.  Double click on the Contour Mill inside the Operation Tree tab.  You can ignore/delete the Rough Mill since we will not need that in this case.



6.  You will then want to define your tool from your tool crib.  In this case, I will use a 1/8 Countersink.  Don't forget to hit Select.



7.  Once you have done that, go to your Contour tab and check Chamfer Machining.  Depending on how big of a Chamfer you want, you can define it on the left side.  If you already have a Chamfer as a feature, you will want to choose Outer edge undef Feature Edge.  If there is no Chamfer, you will want to select APEX



8.  Once you have done this, Go ahead and select Okay.  It should not be necessary to generate the toolpath again, but if the results are not what you expect, go ahead and Right click on the Contour Mill and select "Generate Toolpath" again.  Once you have done that, it should look similar to what you see below.  



You should now be done with setting up your Chamfer.

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