Part requires two machines to produce it. How can I use the finished part from the first machine as the stock for the second machine?

I have a part that requires it to be placed on two different machines to get the finished result. I have a CAMWorks configuration that shows my first machine setup and another configuration that shows the second machine setup. I want to be able to use the finished result from the first machine as the stock material for the second machine. How can I achieve that?

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  • To achieve this you can save the finished part from the first machine as a Work in Progress (WIP) STL file. This can then be set to the stock in the second machine setup using the STL file option in the stock manager. To save the WIP stl file do not use the option that is available on the toolpath simulation. This saves the STL of the stock that you defined in the first machine not the and not the finished part. In the operations tree for the first machine setup go to the stock manager, right click in the stock manager and select Save WIP model. This allows you to control what operations are saved to the STL file whether you need just one of the operations or all or anywhere in between.


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