Problem Notification of Part Sel Change - error for CAMWorks or SolidworksCAM

After upgrading to a new year version of CAMworks or SolidworksCAM users may experience the following error:



There are 3 common causes for this issue:

  1. TechDB.cwdb file selected is not compatible.
  2. TechDB.cwdb file is inaccessible.
  3. TechDB.cwdb file is corrupted.


File not compatible:

In every new year version new parameters and entries are added to the Technology Database application and database file. Because of this your previously used TechDB.CWDB file should not be linked immediately in the Technology Database application. Instead you will need to Import it. The import process will update the database file with the additional entries and make it compatible with the current software version. If you store your TechDB.cwdb file on a shared drive for other users to access then the file must be imported first to update it before putting that file back on the shared drive.




File inaccessible:

If a TechDB.CWDB file is known to be up to date and compatible with the current software version but you receive the error message then the file path for the database should be verified and updated if necessary. Reselecting the correct TechDB.CWDB in the Link Database section in the Settings menu of the Technology database application will update the file path. If the file is functional then you will see a green box appear in the upper right hand corner of the Technology database application indicating that the link was successfully updated.




File corrupted:

If both linking and importing a TechDB.CWDB file results in a RED message window in the upper right corner of the Technology database application then the file selected is either incorrect or damaged. To confirm the integrity of the file you can either test it on another seat of software at your business or submit a support ticket with Hawk Ridge Systems and have us inspect the file.



If these steps do not resolve the issue, or if you have any further questions that we can assist you with, please feel free to contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support at:

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