Invalid block name when opening SOLIDWORKS CAM (-5,147,0)

If you open SOLIDWORKS with the CAM add-in checked and you see this error.


This usually means that the SOLIDWORKS license information has either, been updated since you last activated, or that the license date has passed the end of your subscription period and the free use of CAM has expired. If your license is on subscription, please re-activate your standalone SOLIDWORKS license, or Re-activate your SolidNetwork license manager (SNL), then test open your SOLIDWORKS CAM.



Standalone License Reactivation

Network License Reactivation



Standalone License Reactivation process

1. In the Solidworks Application navigate the to help menu->Licenses->Deactivate



2. Select all of the products and enter a valid email address. Then select "Next"



3 Select "finish" to exit the application.



4. When the software has been successfully deactivated the next step is to Reactivate it. Start by launching the software. You will be prompted immediately to activate the software.





3. After the software has successfully activated verify the CAM add-in is enabled.





Network License Reactivation process

1. From the SolidNetWork server machine open the SNL application. and navigate to the Administrator tab.

Note: You may need to right-mouse-click on the SNL application and select "run as administrator" to access the Administrator tab.Paperspace_yEJQi6rrTl.png


2. Select "Reactivate" and follow the menu prompts to continue the process.







3. Once the software has been successfully reactivated on the SNL restart the Solidworks application on the client machine and verify that the CAM add-in is enabled.SLDWORKS_WadSryK4Na.png





If you still are unable to open your SOLIDWORKS CAM software, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support at 877-266-4469 or



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  • @nd attempt at reactivation. Both listed as succeeded. Will have to reverify with end users again

  • My menu is no't  the same as yours, look in the attach


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