Getting the error “Unable to Obtain License for SOLIDWORKS CAM” on a network license

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is a product that is bundled with any license of SOLIDWORKS but works when the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD license is on subscription. The CAM Standard add-in will stop working when the subscription lapses and is not renewed and you will see the error listed above. Often the simplest solution is just to re-activate the license so the updated expiry date for the subscription is loaded locally allowing the add-in to continue working. Ideally, the User should reactivate before that expiration date or after subscription renewal, but this can easily be missed. Fortunately, this guide will show how to solve this issue.


For a standalone license user, simply go to help>license>activate and complete the re-activation process.

For a network license, follow the reactivation steps below on the network license server.

On the server/computer acting as the server:

  1. Open the SolidNetWork License Manager Server
  2. On the 'Server Administration' tab, click 'Modify...'Modify.png
  3. Click the second option 'Activate/Reactivate your product license(s)' and click Nextactivatereactivate.png
  4. Keep default settings and click nextnext.png
  5. Click 'select all' and click next to activate automatically over the internet
  6. Confirm the license information is correct and then click finishsuccessfulactivation.png

The SOLIDWORKS CAM error message should now be gone when you open SOLIDWORKS or try to use the SOLIDWORKS CAM add-in.

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