SOLIDWORKS Crashes on the splash screen after Windows 10 Feature Update 2004

There have been a growing number of reports regarding SOLIDWORKS crashing on the splash screen and never successfully launching after updating to Windows 10 Feature Update 2004. The root cause for this has been identified as an issue with the DisplayLink technology utilized by USBC dongles and docking stations. In these cases, when disconnecting all dongles and docking stations, SOLIDWORKS will launch without issue.

SOLIDWORKS development has been tracking this with SPR1195846. In collaboration with Intel and Microsoft, a new Intel GPU driver has been released to resolve this issue.


Intel GPU driver version and onward resolves this issue and can be downloaded from here:

This new driver should allow SOLIDWORKS to launch properly with the laptop lid open or closed with a dongle or docking station connected.


There still remains an issue with dual graphics systems where the Nvidia GPU will not be recognized and SOLIDWORKS will use the Intel GPU instead. This new issue is being worked on currently with SPR1203408. The current workaround to this is to open the laptop lid first, then launch SOLIDWORKS, and then you can close the laptop lid. 

We also recommend downloading the latest driver for the Nvidia GPU and perform a clean install of the latest driver. 

Clean Install of NVIDIA Display Driver

This article will be updated once there are future updates to the follow-up bug report.

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