How To Block Logins To A PDM Professional Or Standard Vault

This article describe how to block logins to a Vault. This may become necessary when you no longer require users to log into a Sandbox or any other Vault. This will also allow a PDM admin to use this Vault for future testing but ensure that no users are accidentally logging into the test Vault. Prior to blocking logins, you may also delete the Vault View from users' computers. Please see instructions on deleting a Vault here

1. Open SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration Tool.

2. Login into the Vault you want to disable to users as  'Admin'.

3. Right click on the Vault and click on Properties. 

4. In the Vault Properties screen click on Block Log-ins as shown in screenshot below. This will prevent all access to the Vault except the 'Admin' user.


 If you are not able to perform these steps or you have any questions, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at

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