Windows File Explorer Address Bar Not Updating in PDM Vault View

The purpose of this document is to explain what causes the address bar navigation issue and how to resolve it. When navigating between folders in the PDM Vault View the address bar does not update. This can cause an issue for users as the correct file path is not displayed. Machines affected by this issue are running Windows 11 Operating System with update KB5030590 installed. 


Verifying Current PDM Version Used

Users who are running PDM on Windows 11 and have Microsoft update KB5030590 should verify what PDM version is being used. The version of PDM used can be found within the SOLIDWORKS Desktop Help menu or through the PDM vault. Once the version is verified proceed to the next section about applying the hotfix. 

1. Open SOLIDWORKS and select Help > About SOLIDWORKS PDM.


2. The PDM version will display as illustrated below.


3. Alternatively, verify the PDM version through the vault view by clicking the Blue Person icon and then About.


4. The PDM version will be shown in a dialog box within the vault view.

PDM Vault Version.jpg

HotFix to Download Based on PDM Client Version

Depending on what version of PDM client is installed there are specific hotfixes available from Dassault Systems. The hotfix is a PDM client-side fix only.

  • For a SOLIDWORKS PDM 2024 SP0.1 client, use
  • For a SOLIDWORKS PDM 2023 SP5 client, use
  • For a SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 SP5 client, use

Applying HotFix to PDM Client

Before applying the PDM client-side hotfix, all applications should be closed. 

1. Right-click the SolidWorks PDM icon in the notification area and select Exit.

2. Download the correct hotfix attached to this article based on the version of the PDM client installed. 

3. Extract the downloaded zip file to a local folder on the hard disk. 

4. Right-click Hotfix_HF1181214.bat from the extracted folder and select Run as administrator

5. Follow the instructions in the dialog prompt to apply the hotfix.


For further assistance, please contact our HawkSupport team at 877-266-4469(US) or 866-587-6803(Canada) and


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