How to Delete Private State Files in PDM Vault

The purpose of this document is to show how to delete files that are shown as <Private State> in the PDM vault. This can occur when users add a file to the PDM vault but do not check it in. Private state files have no associated workflow in the PDM vault. Only the PDM administrator would be able to see private state files or users who have the necessary permissions. 


Log Into PDM Vault Using the Administrator Account

Users who do not have administrator access to the PDM vault will not be able to view or delete private state files. The PDM administrator account should not be part of a user group. File operations such as Get, Check Out, and Open will not work on private state files; only the file name will be displayed. The PDM Preview tab will also not show any information regarding the file. 

1. Select the vault login from the Windows system tray or vault icon on the hard disk. 

Log Into PDM vault.jpg

2. Log into the PDM vault as the administrator.


3. Select the file in the PDM vault that is in a private state.

4. Right-click the file and select Delete.


5. Confirm the deletion of the file by clicking Yes on the prompt.


Verify the File Has Been Deleted 

Files deleted in the vault view are sent to the Recycle Bin. The files in the Recycle Bin for the user's vault view can still be recovered if deleted accidentally. Files that are destroyed from the Recycle Bin cannot be recovered. Logging into the vault as the administrator is recommended. More information about the Recycle Bin can be found in the article SOLIDWORKS PDM Recycle Bin


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