How to install a PDM Viewer Client without installing SOLIDWORKS

Sometimes you may need to install a PDM Client on a computer that does not have SOLIDWORKS nor will have any SOLIDWORKS serial number. This is most often true in the case of a PDM Viewer License. There are two basic ways to install this, the first is to use the SOLIDWORKS Installation Wizard without a serial number while the other uses the PDM client installer located in your full set of installation media.

SOLIDWORKS Installation Wizard Method

Direct Install from the SWPDClient folder


SOLIDWORKS Installation Wizard Method

  1. Launch the SOLIDWORKS Installation Wizard (setup.exe) from your installation media set or from the installer downloaded from
  2. On the first page, select install on this computer
  3. On the next page you will see a place to enter serial numbers. Confirm you have no serial numbers showing (if there were prior installations of SOLIDWORKS you may need to remove the serial numbers) and then uncheck the box next to 3D CAD.
  4. You will be asked if you are sure you want to proceed without a serial number. If you removed a serial you will be asked to confirm its removal first.
  5. On the next page you will be shown a list of Free SOLIDWORKS products. For a PDM Viewer you need to select eDrawings and PDM Client. Other options are at your discretion such as Composer Player or File Utilities.
  6. On the Summary page you will then need to confirm the PDM Client type. Be sure to change it to your correct PDM Type (Professional or Standard) and select Viewer if it will be using a Viewer License. You can also install a PDM Contributor or CAD editor this way but generally those will work with SOLIDWORKS and should be installed in the standard way.
  7. After accepting the terms of use, select to install now
  8. Once installed setup your Vault View as normal.
    Note: You may need to launch eDrawings and accept its license agreement before the PDM Preview tab will work as expected. 


Direct Install from the SWPDClient folder of the installation media

NOTE: This process is more in-depth as you need to manually install the prerequisite software and eDrawings.

  1. In your full set of installation media location your PreReqs folder
  2. Install all the C++ Redistributables located in the VCRedist# folders.
  3. Install the .Net Framework located in dotNetFx folder
  4. Install the ODBC Driver located in the ODBCSQLDriver## folder
  5. Install the PDM Client using the setup.exe or SOLIDWORKS PDM Client.msi located in the SWPDMClient folder
  6. Install eDrawings using the setup.exe or eDrawings.msi located in the eDrawings folder



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