How to create a SOLIDWORKS PDM folder shortcut in Windows

Have you ever wanted to know how to create a shortcut for frequently used folders in SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault? Please follow the instructions in this guide in order to create a shortcut to a frequently used SOLIDWORKS PDM vault folder. Creating a Windows Desktop shortcut for frequently used folders in the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault can be a good productivity tool. 

How to create a shortcut to a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault folder

1. Log into the PDM vault and open the local vault view.

2. Navigate to the specific folder in the local vault view and select it.

3. Copy the entire folder path; then right-click and select copy


4. Navigate back to your Windows Desktop then right click click; select new shortcut.


5. Right-click the mouse and paste the PDM folder path into the shortcut dialog box.


6. Click the 'Next' button and create a name for the SOLIDWORKS PDM folder shortcut.


7. Click 'Finish' and the SOLIDWORKS PDM shortcut folder should now appear on the desktop. 



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