PDM Users and Groups Cache Options

This article outlines the contrast between the ‘Clear cache during log out’ and the ‘Refresh cache during log in’ options found in SOLIDWORKS PDM permissions, which seemingly perform the same task but they are different.


Clear cache during log out

In selecting this option the system will automatically remove all locally cached files when a user logs out, starts to work offline, or when shutting down the computer. The number of files that will be cleared is totally dependent on how many files the user had performed a ‘get’ on. This is equivalent to selecting the folder in Explorer, then click on Tools and select “Clear local cache“.

Refresh cache during log in

Selecting this option will perform an automated ‘Get’ on all files within folders with this setting. This will load the latest version of all files within predetermined folders and also perform a ‘get’ on any files within this folder that have previously cached versions already cached.

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