The Program And File Vault Are Of Incompatible Versions Error When Logging Into The Vault

This article walks you through the steps necessary to resolve the 'The program and file vault are of incompatible versions' message. This message is usually a result of the SQL database not being upgraded after a PDM major release upgrade. 


The database upgrade tool is used to fix this issue.

1. This tool can be located in Swpdmserver\Upgrade sub-folder on the SOLIDWORKS DVD or the complete SOLIDWORKS download package.   

2. Right click on Upgrade.exe and select 'Run as administrator' to launch the Upgrade.exe application.


3. Click Yes on the message box warning that the upgrade wizard should only be run by an administrator.


4. Review and confirm you have performed all the prerequisites, then click Next.


5. Select the SQL server from the drop down list (if it is not listed you can manually type it in) and click Next.


6. Enter a user name and password for a user with sysadmin permissions on the SQL server and click Log In.

7. Put a check mark next to the file vault databases that need to be upgraded and click Next.


8. Click Next again to start the upgrade.

9. Once the upgrade is finished, review the log to confirm each database was successfully upgraded then click Finish.

10. After the upgrade, reboot the Microsoft SQL Server. If you do not, you may experience performance drops until you reboot.

If you are not able to perform these steps or you have any questions, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at


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