Creating a Serial Number Driven (Serialized) Folder Template


The following guide for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional shows the process of creating a Folder Template which will generate folders using a Serial Number. It assumes that you have already created a Serial Number in PDM. Please see the appropriate SOLIDWORKS Help Article for additional information about creating Serial Numbers.


1. After creating the serial number, create a new Template by right-clicking "Templates" and selecting "New Template..." in the Administration Tool .


2. Set a name for your template:​​​​​​


3. Select the permissions that the Template will use when executed:



4. Optionally, assign a Template Card for the Template, or leave it blank and skip to step 5: 



5. Create a new Template Variable, selecting the serial number you created, and the give it a name to reference later. In this case we set the Type to "Serial Number", selected the Serial Number named "Document Serial Number", then gave it the Template Variable Name (alias) "Folder Serial Number":



6. Add a new folder to the Template by clicking the yellow folder button. This folder will be created in your vault when you execute the Template. Name the folder using the name (alias) of the serial number from Step 5 between two "%" symbols:



7. The Icon is not important, so skip to the Users and Groups step, and select the Users and Groups that you would like to be able to execute the template. Press OK to complete the template creation process:



8. Navigate to your vault and test out the new template. Right-click, go to "New" and click on the name you set for the Folder Template. It should create a new folder using the serial number specified:

If you have any questions regarding the information above, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems Technical Support at 1-877-266-4469  (US), 1-866-587-6803  (CAN), or


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