CAMWorks 2019 SP0 TechDb: Thread Milling Parameter default will cause gouging.

This article addresses the issue found in CAMWorks version CW2019 SP0 TechDb and the new operation parameter for thread milling - Toolpath Center. This parameter has not been available in versions of CAMWorks TechDb prior to CW2019 SP0. The default setting for this parameter has been set to ‘without compensation’, which may not be the expected setting that customers will want to be applied.

The instances when custom TechDb data is imported to version CW2019 SP0, the system will apply the ‘without compensation’ setting without warning or notice to the operator.

Workaround: It is recommended that after performing an import from the custom database, the Thread Milling operation parameters be edited and set to the desired option.

CW2018 and prior [Toolpath Center not available]


CW2019 SP0 [Toolpath Center now available & default set to ‘without compensation’]



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