How To Rollback A File Version In PDM

This article outlines how you can rollback a file version in SOLIDWORKS PDM. At times it will become necessary to rollback a file to a previous version in the Vault. Furthermore, started from PDM 2017, the rollback feature has been enhanced to rollback a parent file with its child references.


  1. In your Vault View, right click on the file you want to rollback.
  2. On the context menu select History.
  3. Select the version to which you want to rollback.
  4. Click the Rollback icon at the top of the dialog box.
  5. You will be prompted to select the type of rollback. You can choose to rollback the selected file "only". Or you can also select "some or all its references".
    An illustration of Steps 1 to 5 above can be found below. 
  6. If you select "File selected for Rollback and its references", a dialog box will appear with the file and all its references checked as shown below.
    Rollbackdialog2.pngSelecting Yes for "Redirect parent references of the file to be rolled back" will redirect the parent files to use the rolled back version of the file instead of deleting the reference. This is the default selection.
    - Selecting No will delete the parent references of the rolled back versions.
  7. After selecting Continue, a list of the files for which the references are redirected or deleted appears as shown below.  
  8. Upon clicking on Continue, a dialog box will appear as shown below.
  9. Please note: All versions that were created after the selected version cannot be reversed.
  10. If you wish to proceed, check the box "I understand that this action cannot be reversed". Then click on Rollback.
    Now the file and all its references will be returned to the "selected" previous version, including state and revision.


If you are not able to perform these steps or you have any questions, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at




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