How To Manually Set A File Revision In PDM

This article describes how you can manually set a file revision in PDM. This feature is useful if you need to bring a file into PDM that already has an assigned revision level and you need to match up the file with the revision information in the vault database. 


Set Revision permission must be enabled in Folder and State permissions for the user. An Administrator can apply these permissions.

An illustration of applying these permissions is below.


It is also mandatory that the file is checked in and in a Workflow State configured for a revision scheme. The image below shows the Workflow State named Initiated, configured for a revision scheme.


To manually set revision, after selecting the file, go to "Modify" on the menu in the vault view, then select "Set Revision" as illustrated below.


In the Set Revision dialog box, click on the "New Revision" column for the drop list to appear for you to select your desired revision. Also check the "Update Variable" box as illustrated below, to have the new Revision level written to the Data Card.


Upon clicking "OK" the database revision and the revision on the Data Card will be synced with the file's legacy revision level.



If you are not able to perform these steps or you have any questions, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at



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