Error: The Operating System on Index Server does not support Indexing Service

This article is about an error that can occur when enabling the File Vault Archives option for the Indexing node in the PDM administration tool. When enabling the File Vault Archives option, an error indicates the Windows Operating System does not support the indexing service. Attempts to restart the Windows Indexing service or launch the admin tool using a Windows administrator account do not resolve the issue.


Verify the Windows Search Service is running

The error can be caused by the Windows Search service being disabled on the PDM archive server. Depending on how PDM is installed in your environment there may be a separate Archive and Database server. If there is a separate PDM Archive and Database server then the Windows Search service will need to be running on both machines. 

  1. Navigate to the Windows Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools.
  2. Open the Microsoft Windows Services console under the Administrative Tools menu.
  3. Verify if the Windows Search service is running in the Windows Services Console. 
  4. Restart the Windows Search Service if it is not running on the PDM server.



Enable Index File Vault Archive Setting in the PDM Admin Tool

After restarting the Windows Indexing Service and opening the PDM Administration tool, log in with the PDM administrator account when prompted. Navigate to the Indexing node in the PDM admin tool and attempt to enable archive indexing on the PDM server. If there is no error, the following menu should appear with the check box to enable indexing. Check the box for 'Index File Vault Archives' and click the 'OK' button to save changes. 


Backing up the PDM Vault Database

Before proceeding to edit the dbo.SystemInfo Table in the SQL database a backup is recommended. Follow the instructions provided in the web link "EPDM: Backup and Restore" for backing up the PDM Vault SQL database. After the PDM vault database has been backed up proceed to the next section of the document if there are still issues with enabling the 'Index File Vault Archive' setting in the PDM administration tool.

EPDM: Backup and Restore - Hawk Ridge Systems

Editing the PDM Vault Database dbo.SystemInfo Table

  1. Start the Microsoft SQL Management Studio (SMSS) tool located on the PDM Database server.
  2. Log into the SMSS tool using the SQL 'sa' account (Administrator).
  3. Expand the PDM Vault Database > Tables and Right-click the dbo.SystemInfo table. 
  4. Select 'Edit Top 200 Rows" from the pop-up menu in the SMSS tool. 
  5. Locate the column "Indexed" and change the value to "False" if the current value is "True" in the table. 
  6. Find the column labeled "IndexServer" and if there is a value listed, change it to "NULL" in the table. 
  7. Log out of the SMSS tool and restart the PDM administration tool.
  8. Log into the PDM administration tool as 'admin' and then try opening the Index node again.



For further technical support, please contact Hawk Ridge Systems at 877.266.4469 for the U.S. or 866.587.6803 for Canada and



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