Automating SQL Backups for PDM Standard

You must host the SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard database on an instance of the Microsoft SQL Server Express software.  

The SQL Server Express edition is essentially a "free" version of the SQL Server database software. The SQL Server Express software does not include the SQL Agent that comes with the full version of SQL Server. Without the SQL Agent there are no automated backup options in the SQL Management Studio. 

The official SOLIDWORKS article about creating automated backups can be found and reviewed at QA00000120028 / S-069363 - How do I schedule backups of the SOLIDWORKS® PDM Standard file vault databases that are hosted on Microsoft® SQL Server Express Edition?

The Hawk Ridge Webinar SOLIDWORKS PDM: Rise from the Ashes – How to Automate Database Backups will guide you through creating and applying a batch file to automate the backup process. This is one of the recommended options in the SOLIDWORKS documentation. The attached document (SQL Express Backup), while not the original Webinar documentation, is good supplemental material to this Webinar.

The attached documentation will help you with clarifying following steps:

  • Creating a backup query using SQL Server Management Studio
  • Creating the batch file you will use to automate the backup process
  • Creating the scheduled task in Microsoft Task Scheduler


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