Remove the "SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Tab" From the "File > New" Menu In SOLIDWORKS

It is sometimes desired to have the option to remove the "SolidWorks Enterprise PDM" tab from the templates menu when you perform a "File > New" operation in SOLIDWORKS:

Remove PDM Tab

The reason that tab appears is because the Administrator of your EPDM vault has given the user permission to use the EPDM template in the right-click menu. The templates in this tab are essentially derived from the EPDM "right-click" templates because when they were created, they were given a "SOLIDWORKS" icon. When SOLIDWORKS opens, it checks the Vault for any templates associated with SOLIDWORKS icons, and any it finds get extracted and saved in the folder: "C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Temp\SolidWorks Enterprise PDM." That same file location also gets added to the "File Locations > Document Templates" section of your "Tools > Options" menu. Simply removing this location from your "File Locations > Document Templates" will not get rid of the templates tab, because SOLIDWORKS checks the vault and re-inserts the file location every time you perform a "File > New" operation.  

As a result of this, one potential option to get rid of the tab in the "File > New" menu in SOLIDWORKS would be to change the icon to a non-SOLIDWORKS item in the EPDM template:

Edit template icon

The problem with this workaround, however is that the change may add some confusion to the users who are used to seeing the icon associated with their EPDM templates.  

SOLIDWORKS has officially recognized the need for an option to disable the EPDM tab in the "File > New" menu, and has created SPR 613573 to add an option in the Enterprise PDM Add-in to disable the automatic check for Enterprise templates. This is not listed as an enhancement request. The functionality can be implemented, however, without needing an option in the Enterprise Add-in.  

In order to disable the reading of templates from the Vault, the user will need to add the following REG_DWORD value to the registry key "HKCU\Software\SolidWorks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\PDMSW":

ExcludeEnterprisePDMTemplates  1  

The end result should look like this in the registry:

Registry Editor

The last operation you must perform for this to work around is to remove the "C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Temp\SolidWorks Enterprise PDM" file location from your "File Locations > Document Templates" menu. You should then be able to select "File > New" and not have that "SolidWorks Enterprise PDM" tab listed:

Alter templates

If there are any issues please contact Hawk Ridge Technical Support for additional assistance. 


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