PDM - Build References to Non-SolidWorks Files (Paste as Reference)

There are often times that documentation, images, or other files may be used to communicate information for parts, assemblies, and/or drawing files within PDM. To build an automatic relationship between SolidWorks files and reference material, the functionality of Paste As Shared will allow PDM users to create these references.

When the reference to the parent file is created, the pasted reference will automatically be displayed in the Contains tab, and can also be enabled/disabled on showing the reference on the computed Bill of Materials.

Permission needed for Paste as Reference:

- Check Out
- Read File Contents (Show Working Versions is recommended)

The version you paste the reference for is based off the existing version you have in your local cache.



To create a reference:

  1. Right-click the parent file and select Check Out.
  2. Select the files to reference.
  3. Right-click the files and select Copy.
  4. Right-click the parent file and select Paste as Reference.

  5. In the Create File References dialog box, set options:

    • Add Reference creates a reference to the file.
    • Show in Bill of Materials includes the file in the parent file BOM.
    • The Quantity column lets you specify a quantity for the referenced files. This quantity is displayed in the Bill of Materials of the parent file when you enable Show in Bill of Materials.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Right-click the parent file and select Check In.

To verify the references, select the parent file and select the Contains tab.


Note: You can build references to any file within the vault and you can create multiple references to the same file.


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